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Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard is proud to support

Days End Farm Horse Rescue!


Established in 1989, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization whose mission is to “ensure quality care and treatment of equines through intervention, education, and outreach.”

YOU can save the life of a horse today. By donating to DEFHR’s rehabilitation, education and outreach programs your change will change lives.

Join us on the impact journey. Let’s transform the lives of horses, reimagine the future of equine welfare, and bring an end to equine cruelty TOGETHER!


DEFHR is a premier all-breed rescue in the State of Maryland, DEFHR provides services locally, as well as nationally and internationally, in support of county and state law enforcement equine welfare needs. DEFHR is often looked upon as a leader in the fields of equine rescue and rehabilitation, educational programs, community outreach, animal disaster recovery, and legal documentation for cruelty investigations. DEFHR serves as the primary equine impoundment facility for law enforcement agencies in the region specializing in forensic documentation and evidence collection, expert testimony, equine rehabilitation and transitioning equines into new homes. DEFHR shelters an average of 120 horses annually and is on call 24/7. DEFHR is a trailblazer in the equine welfare industry, achieving a 94% rehabilitation success rate, all while receiving high honors for transparency and sound fiscal management by charity evaluators and overseers.

DEFHR envisions “a culture of humane care and compassion for all equines” and works to prevent abuse and neglect through education and community outreach. With a 30+ year history in serving the community, DEFHR is a pillar of the community and invites all members of the public from ages five and up to join in the care of the horses throughout their rehabilitation journey. DEFHR offers a wide variety of educational programs, internships, and professional development, and serves as an agri-tourism/volun-tourism destination, providing opportunities for experiential learning, humane and environmental education, forensic and animal cruelty trainings, and hands-on/immersive equine experiences.

DEFHR believes in the power of community to give a voice to those who cannot speak and to help reimagine the future of equine welfare. DEFHR is funded on the kindness and generosity of a community of changemakers united in their passion for the horse. A world without equine cruelty is possible and new supporters and volunteers are always welcome to join in on the impact journey.

Visit www.defhr.org to make a donation and get involved!


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