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About Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard


We envision our vineyard as the perfect complement to the spectacular rolling green hills of Frederick County, Maryland.

Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard’s mission is to produce notable wines of distinction. The varietals planted have been carefully selected, staying true to the micro-climate as well as the region. Our wines are crafted in small blocks, showcasing their best characteristics with a refined complexity. Each bottle conveys the care and precision of our winemaker who understands the nuances and strengths presented by each varietal.

We share a love of wine and traveling.

We’ve planted only grapes that are ideally suited to our land and climate, our Frederick terroir. Among these are Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, Albariño, and Traminette. We want to grow grapes that need the least amount of added intervention to the soil and to the crop. We plan to add more vines to our vineyard, as we develop our preferred growing and blending techniques.

From the start, we have reached out for guidance in our winemaking to an esteemed winemaker from Bordeaux, France. Lucien Guillemet is the winemaker at Chateau Cadet Bon in St. Emilion, and we are proud and thrilled to be working with him to produce fine Maryland wines.

Our Terroir

Hidden Hills’ vineyards are planted on Mount Airy Channery loam soils which are between 500 to 540 feet above sea level. The soils are a loamy alluvium from a bedrock of phyllite, greenstone, and mica schist. Channery is a geological term used to describe a soil that contains more than 15 percent of thin flat fragments of slate, shale, or schist. The Mount Airy complex is classified by a 25 to 80 percent Channery content. The importance of this to our grapes is an exceedingly desirable deep, very well-drained soil.

Pair that with beautifully-oriented slopes, and you have the perfect growing conditions for our vines.

Hidden Hills Horse Farm

Our Facilities

On top of the hill at the Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard property sits a beautifully designed equestrian facility. Our premier boarding facility welcomes all equestrian disciplines where horse and rider can enjoy the scenic views, luxurious turnouts, an indoor arena, three outdoor arenas, and horse facility amenities.

Our valued clients were brought together by love for their horses and formed into a family over the years. Currently, Hidden Hills Horse Farm is home to various equestrian disciplines, including actively competing hunter/jumpers, grand prix dressage horses, eventers, ex-racehorses, and retired companions who enjoy the spacious fields.

Our Philosophy

If you are like us, you never want to stop learning, exploring, and creating. Inspired by the beautiful rolling hills of Frederick County, Maryland and our love for horses, we began to design an environmentally-friendly horse farm for ourselves and others.

Hidden Hills Horse Farm is now a state-of-the-art facility with large wide-open pastures suitable for an entire herd of horses. Beautiful trails were carefully carved through the woods, complete with obstacles and pristine running water. We left many acres uncut to grow hay to feed the horses, staying true to our passion for maintaining green spaces and sustainable agriculture. Robin envisioned a woman-owned vineyard to be the perfect complement to the rolling green hills of the Frederick County farm and her passion for wine.

Hidden Hills Vineyard was born, growing our own grapes in order to produce notable wines. The varietals were carefully selected, staying true to the climate and the region. Our wines are crafted in small blocks, showcasing their best characteristics with a refined complexity. We invite you to cast aside your daily concerns and come experience both the beautiful property and the wines for yourself. The gates to Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard are now open!